We are one of the top content generating News, magazines in Vietnam. Our contributors cover a range of cover a range of topics: sport, football, economy, culture, travel, life styles in English, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese.

We are looking for partners that want to syndicate your content through local (Vietnamese)

We are always interested in partnering with News, Magazines Publishers by creating a flexible model that suits you best:

  1. Consultancy of Absolving Newspaper publishers in Vietnam
  2. Translate articles of your News, Magazines into Vietnamese.
  3. Consultancy of local marketing
  4. Be your Ads agency
If you are interested in featuring our team specific content, or would like to ask more, please email us at Contact page
Our team is a creative-led experiential event marketing agency in Vietnam that helps brands connect, engage and evolve.

We do understand Vietnamese customers as well as Southeast Asian customers

So we offer customer support services that help your brands closer to customers:

  1. Customer Service Team
  2. Customer Analytics
  3. Product feedback, manual instructor.
  4. Customer Surveys.
  5. Marketing and Event Management services
  6. Translation services (Vietnamese, English, Bahasa Indonesian, Malaysian)

#1: Customer Profiles

As Marketers, we understand the value of a registered member community and customer profiles. Collecting data on our users is a huge advantage over those sites that run primarily on anonymous users. With that said, too often we fail to leverage that data for persona building, customer insights, and marketing campaigns.

Our customer profiles should include the basic information we need to run our business, i.e. billing information, general bio information, etc., but what else could you be asking? What if you asked them what they want to read or learn about? What if you asked them what their favorite product was? What else could you be asking that could help you tailor content and services toward them?

Our customer profiles shouldn’t be viewed as a database of sterile information used only for getting things from them. We should insert questions that help us serve our customer better. Every campaign we run as marketers can be personalized to a customer cohort based on profile information, making the campaign more valuable to them. Isn’t that a great little combination?

#2: Customer Service Team

We’ve all been there. Something seems off on the site. The numbers aren’t adding up. Where do you run? To the customer service team! They are the pulse of our customers and yet we rarely visit them proactively. Unfortunately, they are most often leveraged when things are going poorly. It’s a sad truth.
Instead, we should be accessing our customer service software (Zendesk, HelpScout, etc.) and seeing what they see. What are customers asking for? What are they stumbling over? There are few better ways to best identify opportunities for website testing. Often, the customer service team is told when words are confusing, or our site structure doesn’t make sense. They are the ones that hear it when your pricing page leaves more questions than answers, and when your blog categories confuse more than help.
So, set up a bi-monthly meeting with the customer service team, read their weekly summaries carefully, and visit them often. We should be tapping into this customer data often and using it to steer our marketing tests.

#3: Customer Surveys

We are all pretty well versed in this one. We’ve all (hopefully) run dozens of customer surveys, but you know what the problem is? We often are asking questions reactively. We run a survey once or twice a year and only after we realize we don’t have enough information on something to run a campaign. Isn’t it strange that we only ask our customers what they want to see when we realize we don’t know?

Instead, run customer surveys on a regular basis. Ask questions of all kinds. Don’t just ask them what topics they might want to read on the blog, ask them what would help them understand your product, ask them what they’d like you to build into the community, ask them what they love about your brand, and how they describe you to colleagues. Ask them all these things.

#4: Product Feedback

Right now, you have a tab on your site for feedback. Chances are good that feedback is getting shuffled to a product alias where they are collecting feature requests and product complaints. You know what else they are capturing? A wealth of marketing data, that’s what.

Customers love to give opinions. Not all of them of course, but the ones that do give all sorts of opinions. They give ideas on product names, on page titles, on feature descriptions. They give enough ideas to create dozens of marketing campaigns, but they are often lost in that alias, never to be read again.
Let us take care of your website, Mobile apps and you can spend more time running your business! Asean Tech is a leading solution provider for Internet based applications in Vietnam. We offers a wide range of web-based services:

  1. E-commerce website development.
  2. Web design service.
  3. Mobile App development: Android, IOS.
  4. Social network development.
  5. News, magazine website development.

Asean Tech is a Vietnambased company that specializes in Technology transfer services.

We'are running a Technology marketplace website called Tech Comrade, where you can buy or sell machinery, automation product lineup, technology solution to Improve productivity, reduce plant maintenance.

Technology transfer service is The transfer of new technology from the originator to a secondary user, especially from developed to less developed countries in an attempt to boost their economies.

The service includes the processes of transferring skills, knowledge, technologies, methods of manufacturing, samples of manufacturing and facilities among governments or universities and other institutions to ensure that scientific and technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users who can then further develop and exploit the technology into new products, processes, applications, materials or services

We specialize in :
- Internet based technology
- Softwares, applications
- E-commerce solutions
- Industrial robots, AI
- Machinery
- Automation Automated Assembly Lines

Are you searching for a machine, a production line or a technology?
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