Let us take care of your website, Mobile apps and you can spend more time running your business! Asean Tech is a leading solution provider for Internet based applications in Vietnam. We offers a wide range of web-based services:

  1. E-commerce website development.
  2. Web design service.
  3. Mobile App development: Android, IOS.
  4. Social network development.
  5. News, magazine website development.

Asean Tech is a Vietnam based company that specializes in Technology transfer services.

We'are running a Technology marketplace website called Tech Comrade, where you can buy or sell machinery, automation product lineup, technology solution to Improve productivity, reduce plant maintenance.

Technology transfer service is The transfer of new technology from the originator to a secondary user, especially from developed to less developed countries in an attempt to boost their economies.

The service includes the processes of transferring skills, knowledge, technologies, methods of manufacturing, samples of manufacturing and facilities among governments or universities and other institutions to ensure that scientific and technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users who can then further develop and exploit the technology into new products, processes, applications, materials or services

We specialize in :
- Internet based technology
- Softwares, applications
- E-commerce solutions
- Industrial robots, AI
- Machinery
- Automation Automated Assembly Lines

Are you searching for a machine, a production line or a technology?
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Do you own new technology or want to sell a machine, a production line or a technology?
Please register your technology solutions on our website: https://www.techcomrade.com